Hyboria Campaign: Shem vs Koth Ophir

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The desolate wastes of Shem are marked out by a string of forts sitting within these deserts where garrisons from Koth and Ophir defend their passes to their rich lands to the north. The threat comes from the wild Zaugir, the Sons of Shem, desert raiders. Only just lately has news been heard of a giant man who rides with them. A man known as Yamal al Aphto. He fights beside the leader of the Zaugir Yin Allal and together they have raided much.

It is near dawn at the lonely outpost of Fort Eruk and spies have said that the Zaugir will attack in the morning. The general commanding the Koth Ophir forces looks out into the desert. King Stabonus for all his madness has garrisoned Fort Eruk well. He has a host at his command. That and a certain warrior. A flame-haired Hyrkanian woman who all fear. Her name is Red Sonja.


The Zaugir deployed with their riders and Conan in the centre with the Shemish archers to the north who would sieze the high ground. The Koth Ophir army countered with their heavy foot and bows to attack the Shemish archers while their knights and riders would ride out to meet the desert riders. Red Sonja rode with the general.



The Zaugir charged forward and battle was joined in the centre. The whole battle saw both generals attacking each other while Red Sonja cleaved a way forward, but Yin Allal was a well matched opponant and neither the flame-haired warrior woman or the Ophir general could best him. Conan decided to press forwards towards the flanks and had success destroying the Koth Ophir riders. Elsewhere the Sons of Shem took the highground and threatened to turn the northern flank. All around the Koth Ophir army looked like it was going to be surrounded.







Time and again Red Sonja fought back the Zaugir riders and time and again the Koth Ophir heavy foot were pin-cushioned by the Shemish archers, but the spears kept pushing and seemed destined to be too far away to help the centre if all went wrong.



Conan was having more luck to the south and he and a group of riders first smashed the Koth Ophir riders and then a stand of knights, pushing them back towards Fort Eruk.


With dawn rising Conan pushed the last remaining knights all the way back to the fort, while Sonja, seeing the Koth Ophir general about to fall before the sword of Yin Allal leapt between them.



Conan could sense victory as he slew the last of the knights and the way before him to the gates of the fort stood undefended, but at that very moment Sonja swung her shining blade and left the bloody head of Yin Allal in the sand.





The treasures of Fort Eruk would remain in the hands of Koth Ophir. With the bright desert sun rising the Sons of Shem turned and rode, leaving the Koth Ophir army bloody but victorious. Conan passed by the flame-haired beauty as she wiped her sword on the fallen body of the Zaugir leader. As he rode away he called,

“You just did me a favour and I owe you one.” There was now no one to stand in his way as leader of the Sons of Shem.

“We will meet again Conan,” he heard the Hyrkanian call after him.

All in all an enjoyable battle. Once the forces were joined it was a gamble which general would die first and in retrospect Conan should have stayed with Yin Allal, but then he cleared a way to the Koth Ophir stronghold and with the support of the riders with him could have taken the prize.

Hope you all liked the battle. In the next round we will see Zingara up against Argos. Two merchantile nations slugging it out. Part of me wants to involve galleys fighting at sea as well as armies on land.

Comments and crits wellcome.



Tom Meier First Age Goodness

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This holiday time I have at last finished two very long standing projects. The completion of my Tom Meier Ral Partha Collectors Series Elves and Goblins. What a job it’s been to paint these to a standard that does them justice, I hope,  as well as deciding to re-base them all on round bases. Well now they are done and I’m ready to unleash the might of Morgoth’s Angband on those pesky Noldor and Sindar. Here are some pictures. Hope you like them. Comments and crits welcome.


Hyborian Campaign: Zamora vs Corinthia

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Every Summer the high priestess of Ishtar the beautiful princess Arathena, daughter to King Murillo of Corinthia travels to the shrine of Ishtar in the Karpash Mountains on the Road of Kings between Corinthia and spider-haunted Zamora to sacrifice and pray. She does not go alone, as the Karpash mountains are full of hidden dangers. This year she is accompanied by her father’s general Antagonistes as well as a new captain from the north. His name is Conan.

The Corinthian Army: General spear and 3 spears, Nemedian mercenary knights x 1, Corinthian hillmen with bows x 2, ballista x 1, the priestess Arathena (cleric), Conan a hero. 24 points.


Far off in Zamora’s thief-infested capital Shadizar King Mitradites laughs cruelly. He looks thoughtfully at the sinister mage standing before him and says “Yara I like your plan. Snatch me this rare beauty of a priestess and return her to me. We will make King Murillo empty his coffers to have her returned.

The Zamoran Army: Yara magician general, gigantic spider behemoth, spider beasts x 2, Zamoran blades x 2, Zamoran bows x 2, Kushite mercenary warbands x 2.24 points.


For this game I was using a Cleric and Artillery for the first time. Corinthia relied on these to blunt the threat of a magician and a behemoth-The wizard Yara and his gigantic spider-demon. Yara also had spider-beasts and a mercenary group of warbands from Kush. Their quick-kills against spear were Yara’s hope to break the Corinthian centre.

General Antagonistes intended to stand firm and not be drawn out. Yara advanced his army, but held his swords and behemoth back, to avoid Conan and the artillery waiting for them.


31082016650With a rush Yara sent the Kushite warbands and beasts towards the centre and the left. His archers moved up to support. When battle was joined the rash Nemedian mercenary knights that Antagonistes had brought with him started to push forwards trampling the oncoming beasts. Conan also grew impetuous and wishing to draw Yara’s swords into the battle charged.



31082016654In the centre the Kushite warbands were not having the effect that Yara wanted and he was being countered in his sorcerous attacks against Antagonistes’ spears by the power of the priestess Arathena. Suddenly things broke and beast killed knight, while Conan flanked the Kushite warbands to wreak their ruin on the points of hoplite spears.



31082016665And still Yara did not commit his swords or the foul demon by his side.


31082016674Then with the hoplites of Antagonistes wheeling to meet the threat of Yara’s swords he unleashed twin attacks on left and right. A swarm of spiders and swift archers attacked the Corinthian bows who were protecting the priestess now the knights were gone. The giant spider-demon of Yara leapt forward despite shots from the Corinthian ballista on the right. Conan was outflanked by the foul monster while attacking a forest of Zamoran swords. He fell senseless,stricken by poison and knew no more.


31082016681Too late to do anything except meet their deaths the soldiers manning the Corinthian ballista were crushed and rent by the monstrous spider-demon of Yara. The way was now open to take the priestess Arathena.


31082016687In a last gasp General Antagonistes saw a chance and charged towards the evil Yara, as the rest of his spears and bows were slain or routed. It was too late to save the day.

“Sheath your sword General or my pet will devour your pretty priestess,” mocked Yara. “It is a long way to go before we reach Shadizar and King Mitradites.”

Later as the sunset a shadow moved inside the temple of Ishtar. Battered but alive Conan watched the long caravan of Yara’s army march away towards Zamora with vengeance in his heart.

After the battle:

Well. Conan does it again and thinks with his heart rather than with his brain. Antagonistes said hold and let them come to us, but Conan and the mercenary Nemedians just had to have a go. Those knights just love to break up a battle line. Maybe Antagonistes should have brought along more loyal spears to defend the line.

What did work well for the Corinthians was that the priestess was able to blunt the magician Yara’s attacks against the lines quite well. Also the ballista and hero Conan did give Yara pause for thought about attacking on that flank.

Double ranked spears are firm, but the line was too easily outflanked in the end.

In terms of the campaign it means that Zamora will go forward to the next round. They will be fighting either Koth-Ophir or Shem, both desert kingdoms. Conan wishes to rescue the priestess Arathena and return her to her father in Corinthia. He must now be on the winning side of the next battle to be able to do this. Let’s hope he learns from his previous mistakes.

Hope you have enjoyed this battle report. Comments and crits welcome.

New Frigates For Space Fleets

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Over the past few months I’ve been adding to the space fleets that I’ve been making with some larger vessels that could be termed frigates. They have been a huge buzz to sculpt in milliput and then make the moulds and finally to drop-cast them in metal. Being larger and having more detail, such as engine nacelles and turrets, made them more complex to cast, but in the end they have seen the light of day. They are scaled at around 1/1200th, but scale and spaceship models are a very subjective thing.I made them to go with the five fleets that I’ve already made.The washer bases are 4cm across.Here is a picture of the new ships en-masse.

New Frigates and Other Craft

Terran Frigates: Large war-wagons with heavy armour.

Terran Frigates

Emp Frigates: Can attack with a freezing EMP weapon. Good when allied with others.

Emp Frigates

Cloaked Frigates: Less armoured, but appearing at short notice. Can also run away quickly.

Cloaked Frigates

Trade Guild Frigates: Similar in design to the Terrans, but cast in three directions, so perhaps the hardest to get right in the mould.

Trade Guild Frigates

Pirate Frigates: I liked the way I slung the cannon under the craft.Red and black also seemed a good colour scheme for these bad guys.

Pirate Frigates

I also wanted to show you what the total fleets look like now I have fighters, corvettes and frigates. I was hoping to catch a similarity between the different races with colours and designs working well together. I think they seem to hang together well.

The Terran Fleet: Here arrayed in three battle groups.

Terran Fleet

The Trade Guild Fleet: They now need some frighters I think to make up some convoys.

Trade Guild Fleet

The Emp Fleet: I wanted to get away from the hexagonal shape of the smaller ships while keeping a geometrical look.

Emp Fleet

The Pirate Fleet: They have taken a few pods captive along with a police lighter. Nice and colourful.

Pirate Fleet

The Cloaked Fleet: Attacking in their wedge formation from out of nowhere.

Cloaked Fleet

I wanted to get an idea of how the ships would look in a game, so here are some match-ups. These are the Pirates attacking the Trade Guild. Got to work on boarding party ships I think.

Pirates vs Trade Guild

Here we can see a joint Emp and Cloaked attack on the Terrans. I like the way the colours work here. Why can’t things be colourful in space?

Terrans vs Cloaked and Emp

I hope you like the new additions. They were a blast to make and I’m already wondering how I can go larger with some Destroyers. The size of the mould will eventually make me need to solve some potential problems. Will I need to have two pouring holes. I’m guessing that the more complex the design that I’ll need more vents. Perhaps multi-part ships could be a way to go.Thanks for taking the time to look at my ships.

Comments and crits welcome.

Hott Strongholds For LOTR

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Over the last few weeks I have been making some new Strongholds for my Lord of the Rings armies. Rivendell, The Black Gates and Helm’s Deep. Some of the biggies in the major sites in the story.The plan is to have most of the prime locations made so that I can use them in a series of campaign games.

Here is Helm’s Deep.


You can see that it is underscale, which is OK for me, as it would be far too big if I were to make it the size that it should be.

Here is the Black Gate. Again underscale. I added flickering tea-lights in the windows just for fun. The tiles on the rooves of the towers were a new departure for me, but I’m glad the way they turned out. Here we can see two of the Nazgul setting out to find the thief Baggins.



Last of all Rivendell.I’m really happy about the way this turned out. The trees were made from rope and the folliage from painted green scourer. The waterfall and river were given several white-glue coats to make the water shine. The colours just work well with the blue tiles mirroring the water.


Here are also two new armies. First of all The Rohan Away Team. They have Theoden and Eomer as heroes and a mixture of Riders (arches and light spear) as well as Knights.They are Minifigs Mythical Earth 25mm. Eomer and the standard bearer are unknown figures.


The army of Isengard are the venerable Mythical Earth Man-Orcs. They have a hero general-Ugluk perhaps. There are pike to deal with the filthy strawheads of Rohan and blades. I did three stands with bows and will count them as shooters.


03062016495Hope you like these efforts. Comments and crits welcome.