HOTT in Hyboria: Turan vs Zamora

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This was the penultimate battle in my HOTT Hyborian campaign. The wizard Yara had defeated Corinthia in Round 1 and had stolen the princess Arathena to take her back as a slave to Shadizar. While on the way Conan had tried to rescue her with the help of Red Sonja, but had failed. Now Yara was approaching the City of Larsha in northern Zamora. Only he didn’t expect it to be in the hands of the Turans. There in the hot desert he found himself facing his rival wizard Mithras. Would Mithras stop Yara and take Arathena back to Turan? Battle was joined.

1 The Fortress at Larsha

Mithras thought that his central block of spears would be enough to combat the more undisciplined troops of Zamora. He also had knights. He sent these to flank the Zamorans thinking that they would catch the enemy archers out in the open. Yara was wily and adopted a pull-back to the oasis thus giving himself some security.

2 Advance on Yara

3 Flanking Zamora

4 Pull back the archers

Meanwhile Yara sent out his dreaded spiders to attack Mithras’ archers on their flank. Mithras foolishly forgot that beasts count as mounted and can quick kill in the open. There followed an attritional combat with Mithras’ archers falling back.

5 Beasts attack

In the centre Yara advanced, but he wisely moved his Kushite warbands into a double ranked assault on the Turan phalanx. On the northern flank the Turan knights could not quick-kill the now defended Zamoran archers.

6 The retreat of the knights

7 Kushites attack

Suddenly Yara’s plan began to succeed. The fierce Kushite warbands punched a great hole in the Turan centre. Just where Mithras was. They rushed towards the wizard in fury. The charging knight were now out-numbered. Panicking Mithras had to call for protection from the last of his spears, but the writing was on the wall. Turan had lost 9 points to Yara’s zero. Truly the Zamoran was gifted his victory.

8 Warbands triumphant

9 Watch out Mithras!

10 Hold the line

Then defeat came to Mithras with over half his command destroyed. Yara yelled in victory for his forces to destroy the Turan wizard and to bring him his head.

11 Stop them men

But then fate intervened. When victory was Yara’s a voice called to him across the battle field. It was Conan come to exact his revenge. With all his troops committed there was no defence against Conan. 12 Meanwhile

13 Mithras goes down

Unfortunate still Arathena chose this time to place a holding force on Yara’s magical powers. Together they held Yara and Conan tore the princess from the wizard’s clutches. Battle may have gone Yara’s way, but victory belonged to Conan and Arathena.

14 Victory Mine

15 Not your day Yara

16 Curses Conan!

A good battle that was justifiably won by Zamora who have now bested Corintha, Koth-Ophir and Turan. This has set them up as the paramount power in the East, while Stygia and Shem lie in ruins.

Argos, Aquilonia and Nemedia too are under the foot of proud Zingara.

The final showdown in Hyboria will be between Zamora to the East and Zingara to the West.


Homecast Deep Ones

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Hi All,

Over the summer I have been busy sculpting and casting some Lovecraftian Deep Ones. These have been a great challenge and they have finally been cast up. They are in 25mm but I could see them being small 28mm as who can say how big or small a Deep One is. I sculpted them using Green-stuff over a wire armature. I wanted to get a more animalistic leg pose as opposed to standard human joints. Here is a picture of the Greens.

Deep Ones Greens

Once the Greens had been done I set about making the moulds using RTV silicone. The experience I had the last time I made moulds for my orcs I ran into a problem of venting, The ends of the arms and hands were difficult to reach with hot metal, so this time I made the moulds with vents already inside ( made from cocktail sticks ). This worked far better and I only had trouble with one hand on one of the casts.

Deep Ones Cast

I am also wondering whether to weaponise the Deep Ones or to leave them with their hands free. I guess Deep Ones could have weapons and I thought that crossbows and tridents would be good.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Deep Ones painted up.

Painted Deep Ones 1

Painted Deep Ones 2In any case I’m really pleased how well these Frog-boys turned out.

I have cast up enough to make 4 horde bases for a Cthulhu HOTT army. Now to paint them.

Comments and crits welcome.

HOTT in Hyboria Asgard vs Zingara

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Today saw the first battle in the campaign’s Third Round. Zingara and Asgard faced off against each other. Just how these two geographically distant nations came to blows was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. So I built a longship!

In the cold dawn the Zingarians saw sails on the horizon. The Aesir had sailed down the coast of the Great Pictish Wilderness to sack the soft southern Kingdom of Zingara. With them sailed Conan who had reached a settlement with Wulfhelm. Booty and plunder awaited. What could possibly go wrong?

1 Zingara

2 Asgard

3 Asgard advancesThe Aesir drew up their ships and advanced inland. Random terrain set-up put a narrow valley between hills in their way. Conan and Wulf decided that here was the place to contain the Zingarians: Channelling them and preventing room for the Zingarian cavalry to charge.

4 Take the hill

5 Hold your groundDuke Gonsalvo knew that the warbands of the Aesir could make quick-kills on his swords and spears in the open. He kept his knights as a mobile reserve. His archers took the northern hill and never let it go against the Asgard bowmen.

6 Battle beginsBattle was joined in the centre. It was going to be bloody.

7 Gonsalvo the deadlyEarly on Gonsalvo showed his true mettle and destroyed a warband single-handed putting himself up against Conan and Wulf combined.

8 Breakthrough

9 Charge

10 Death to Asgard

To the south one of the Aesir warbands destroyed a double ranked unit of spears and then impetuously bounded forward. Only they met a counter-charge from Gonsalvo’s knights and were no more. Just as blades hacked another warband to pieces. Conan and Wulf had lost their entire southern flank in one turn.

11 Battle of the Heroes

12 Impetus

Meanwhile to the north Gonsalvo’s archers and spears drove the Aesir from the hill and decimated them. Conan and Wulf were now greatly outnumbered. The losses at this time were 10-6 in favour of the Zingarians. The last of the double ranked Asgard warbands fell on the Zingarians hoping for a quick-kill. They got that. On themselves! In the last throw of the game Conan beat Gonsalvo in a duel. This gave him and Wulf a chance to flee to the ship with only one unit left from their entire army still intact.

13 Blood to Conan

14 Time to leave

“I never should have trusted you Conan, ” yelled Wulf.

“Aye, but your men drink deep in Valhalla tonight,” Conan replied.

This was a quick and dirty game with massive casualties. The Aesir could quick-kill pretty much all of the Zingarians, but they were also vulnerable to destruction from Gonsalvo’s knights. He was right to keep them as a reserve as they could sweep down on any Asgard breakthroughs. So a valuable lesson learned. Always keep a reserve.

The next battle will be the second of Round Three: Zamora vs Turan. Then on to the final.

HOTT in Hyboria: Zingara vs Nemedia

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This week I have fought-out the meeting of Nemedian forces and the Zingaran army under Duke Gonsalvo. Both armies have invaded beaten Argos. The Nemedians under the wizard Xaltotun seek to drive a path to Messantia on the coast and so further deprive Aquilonia of their trade-routes on the Road of Kings. Zingara wishes to thwart them.

1 Zingara vs Nemedia

The terrain was set up randomly and the Nemedians were the defenders. Unexpectedly the defender was given bad going to deploy in along forests and a central hill. Xaltotun decided to let the Zingarans try to dislodge him from the hill. The Zingarans had the advantage of greater space. Xaltotum imagined that his enemy would not be able to drive him off the hill.

In the beginning of the game the Zingarans advanced on a wide front. The hill was defended with blades and spears. They had an advantage of defending higher ground. The two armies were pretty evenly matched, so try as he might Duke Gonsalvo could not dislodge the Nemedians.

2 Gonsalvo Advances3 Assault the hill4 Charge of the Knights5 Xaltotun Attacks6 Knight's Melee

What he could do and did was to use his archers to weaken and then defeat the Nemedian archers on his left flank. While doing this he taunted the Nemedian Knights on his left. While his troops assaulted the hill time and time again Gonsalvo’s knights tried to force the Nemedian knights back into the forest where they would be destroyed in bad going.

7 Take the flank8 Stop those Archers9 Surrounded10 Archers in the woods

Having secured the forest to his left Gonsalvo sent his archers into it to out-flank Xaltotun. The wizard tried to destroy the Zingaran archers with his spells, but he only managed to harry and delay them.

11 Fall of the Knights12 Blades triumphant13 The End Game

It was now that the cavalry battle to the right took an odd turn. Coming too close to the battle for the hill Duke Gonsalvo’s blades broke-off from their attack on the heights and fell upon the flanks of the Nemedian knights destroying them and saving the Zingaran knights in one fell swoop. Understanding that both his flanks were now lost Xaltotun tried to attack with his own blades, but he was surrounded.

14 Xaltotun at bay15 Gonsalvo gets lucky16 The End of Xaltotun

While he was plagued by a string of low PIP rolls the Zingaran archers made contact with their enemies stronghold and rolled high. Xaltotun was defeated.

Xaltotun should have perhaps taken the fight to his enemy and met Gonsalvo on the plain where he would have had more room for manoeuvre. He had no reserve to plug holes on his flanks. He trusted to the high ground advantage too much, whereas Duke Gonsalvo had room to exploit his out-flanking strategy.

Round 2 is now over with the following armies still in the game: Turan vs Zamora and Asgard vs Zingara. I will need to come up with a good story for these matches.

Hope you liked the game. Comments and crits welcome.

HOTT in Hyboria: Zamora vs Koth-Ophir

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The Valley of Scorpions is aptly named. The whole desert is swarming with the monsters. Having captured the Princess Arathena the evil mage Yara of Zamora seeks to hold her there in a tower. Little does he know that having bested the Koth-Ophirs Conan is hot on his heels to rescue her. With him he has an ally. Red Sonja of Hyrkania.

What neither side knows is that the scorpions will attack any one in the desert: acting as Lurkers the side that is active gets an unpleasant surprise for the stands that roll a 6 at the start of their turn. This meant that during the battle unwanted attacks happened and battlelines were broken up. All good fun.

1 The Zamorans

2 Koth Ophir

3 Zamora Advances

4 Damn Scorpion Lurkers

The two armies approach each other and the wily mage has seen an opprtunity: He places his Spider-Beasts and Warband to counter the Ophir Archers and Riders. He also places his Blades to counter the Kothean Knights. The two sides advance and almost immediately the dreaded scorpions start to harry the Zamorans. Biting off a head and tail Yara’s Monstrous Spider Behemoth breaks ranks and persues.

5 Beasts and Warband Charge

6 Countered by Riders

7 Beasts Kill Riders

8 Swords Attacked by Lurkers

9 Beasts Attack the Bows

10 The Battlelines Charge

11 Knights Held Back

Yara’s plans are working well. His Spider-Beast rout and kill the Riders of Ophir while scorpions attack the archers from behind. Feeling his left flank is secure he launches his battle-line forward, but his Blades are hampered in their advance by further scorpions. Yara itches to be within range of Conan and Sonja. Conan too sounds the charge, but alas! His Knights are slowed by more of the stinging beasts.

12 Yara Tries Bespelling

13 Sonja OustedAt last Yara rolls high Pips and tries to ensorcel Conan, but the barbarian’s will is strong. He battles with the Monstrous Spider before him, while Sonja holds back many spears. Conan’s Knights regain their charge and head for the shining swords of Zamora.

This was when I learned that Swords can trounce Knights badly.

14 Caught From Both Sides

Meanwhile to the north the brave Kothean Spears are attacked by Yara’s Warband and scorpions as well. Things are not going to plan for Conan. Princess Arathena seems a long way off.

15 Yara Ensorcelled

At this point Yara’s Behemoth turned tail and attacked more scorpions and Yara Bespelled himself with a 1. Now was the time to act, but as ill-luck would have it Red Sonja was forced back and without his Knights to guard him Conan was assaulted by the mass of Zamoran Blades. Now it was his turn to roll a 1 and for the Blades to roll 6.

16 Caught in the Flank

17 Is This the Death of Conan

Was this the death of Conan?

18 Time to Flee Sonja

At 12 points lost to the Koth-Ophirs and only 4 lost to the Zamorans the game concluded with Red Sonja pulling the troops, what remained of them, back.

After all what did a mere Corinthian princess mean to her?

This was a fun and quite bloody battle where Yara’s defence was about spot on. Before accidently shooting himself in the foot, his army effectively wrapped up both wings of the Koth-Ophir army and held down two heroes into the bargain. The use of Lurkers for the first time was fun as nobody knew who whould be attacked next. OK, I used them universally and not just in bad-going, but it added to the atmosphere of the game.

Hope you all liked this battle. Zamora are through to the Third Round alongside Turan and Asgard. The last battle of Round 2 is still to be decided between Zingara and Nemedia.

Comments and crits welcome.