Vendhya vs Hyrkania

Returning to Vendhya through the high steppes of Hyrkania Hannuha, the She-Devil, finds her army’s path blocked by a savage force of Hyrkanians. Quickly the battle commences and her cavalry join her in a joust with the Hyrkanian general, while in the centre her pikes and archers are set upon by a swirling mass of swords supporting a giant of a man. Hannuha sends her pet tigers to maul the auxillary warbands on the far flank, hoping to smash the wings quickly.

Soon her Maiden Guard have punched a hole through the Hyrkanian cavalry, but their general falls upon her archers in fury.

While Hannuha’s tigers are finding the wild men of Hyrkania an even match her centre pikes hold firm.

Quickly Hannuha drives her horse into her opponent’s flank, relieving her archers. All is now set for a battle to the finish.

The Hyrkanian general is destroyed. Onward to Vendhya cries Hannuha!

So far Vendhya are undefeated on the table.


~ by kropotkin303 on July 28, 2012.

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