Sketchup Walkthrough

This is how I made one of the wargame squares. Here is a picture walkthrough. The processes are all quite easy, but the hardest part is re-scaling the trees that I imported from the online 3D Warehouse that holds loads of different models. I am not too sure of the legality of passing off someone else’s models as my own so in this walkthrough the tree is by somebody called Simon who has put in all the hard work.

1 This is what Sketchup looks like when a new project starts

step 1

2 Select draw square and drag to size needed  step 2

3 Use the paint bucket to add vegetationstep 3

4 Then draw a circle for a hill and use pull tool to lift it upstep 4

5 Select the whole object using the arrow on the far left to highlight everythingstep 5

6 Go to Window task bar and select smooth edges

step 6

7 Use the slider to smooth out the hill sidesstep 7

8 Now to add some trees from the 3D Warehousestep 8

9 Find one you like. Look for a fairly simple one as a complex one will hog RAM

step 9

10 Download it into your modelstep 10

11 It is way too big so it will have to be re-scaledstep 11

12 Selecting the tree and hitting rescale allows the tree model to be made the same scale as your hill by pushing on the grid that surrounds the treestep 12

13 Use the move tool to move the tree so it is on the hill squarestep 13

14 Copy and paste more trees until you have what you wantstep 14

15 Save the model and make some more terrain. They can be imported into a new project and put together to make your battlefield.

step 15

A bit lengthy, but I hope you get the idea. Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on November 1, 2013.

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