Strongholds Added

I’ve been adding to my strongholds to go with my Hyborian HOTT armies. This week I went all out to build five!

First up is a  temple ruin deep in the jungles of Vendhya. The idea was to create an overgrown temple that marks the border of that steamy snake-infested country. Made from polystyrene , which was spackled and dremelled, then added to with aquarium plants and flock.


Next is the total opposite. Here is a classic desert fort. Home of the Koth-Ophiris. This was made from corkboard and matchsticks. Sand terraining comes courtesy of tea-leaves which were then painted.

Comments and crits welcome.

desert fort

Then there is the Henge which acts as the religious centre for the Cimmerians. Again made from polystyrene that was spackeled and flocked. Here you can see a young Conan along-side some of his people.


I needed a new Stronghold for my Minot Sprite army as I was not happy with the last one. This time I went for a volcano stuck in the middle of the jungle. Again polystyrene and spackle with aquarium plants adding a tropical look. This will also be the stronghold of my snake-man army when they are finished.


Last of all, to add to my Middle Earth stuff, I have made an Elvish tree fort from green scouring pads and skewers which was then flocked-up with clump folliage. I stuck a few Prince August elves on the flets to give fire support. Still a bit glossy. My matt varnish is rubbish.

elf flets

Comments and crits welcome


~ by kropotkin303 on February 23, 2014.

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  1. Excellent they look fantastic!

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