Hyborian Campaign : Vendhya vs Stygia

Today I started my Hyborian campaign. In it I have set the countries of Hyboria against each other in knockout rounds in order to see who is the best. Conan can appear in any army except Stygia and is not allowed to fight against Cimmeria.

Vendhya vs Stygia saw the she-devil Hannuha (Hero general) pitted against the might of Thoth Amon (Wizard general). It was quite an evenly matched contest as the two armies are spear/knight/archer. Only the Vendhyans had tigers (beasts) to make a difference.


Here is the initial deployment with the two armies outside the city of Shushan in the country of Shem-The Stygians are defending.

Turn 1

Early on in the battle Thoth Amon managed to ensorcel Hannuha.There was a lot of pushing and shoving and the battle raged most decisively between the archers and tigers on the hill.Here you can see Hannuha waiting for a six to bring her back into the fight.

Turn 3



It took 7 bounds for Hannuha to return to the fight and when she did Thoth had her to the back of him and the Vendhyan army to the front.

Turn 10

While Thoth’s army were able to drive the tigers from the hill and start to thin out the Vendhyan line by a threatened outflanking by their archers, poor old Thoth was caught between Hannuha and her archers, who were pushing  Thoth’s bodyguard back.In the end Thoth got caught in a recoil and “died”. He will, of course be back.

The Death of Thoth

Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on April 16, 2014.

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