Hyboria Campaign: Hyrkania vs Turan

The desert war continues. This week saw Mighty Turan against the Hyrkanians. Here the spear-heavy Turans were matched up against the swords of Hyrkania. The Turan  wizard Mithras with his pet Effreet (behemoth) pitted his skills against the Hyrkanian mage Giyune Katar with the brutal hero Urloc fighting to defend the Hyrkanian homeland. This is the initial phase of the battle with the Hykanians holding the road east.

Initial Deployment Hyrkania

The two sides were initially very low on PIPs so they advanced towards each other without speed, but the Hykanian Hill-men took a hill and then Giyune sent his riders out to flank the oncoming Turan army with somewhat predictable results.

Turn 5

The battle was joined in the centre and Mithras set his Effreet onto Urloc. The flaming monster then began to push the hero back and back. In the centre the Turan general (spear) kept up a steady onslaught against the Hykanian swordsmen.Meanwhile the Hyrkanian Hill-men (warband) rushed off their hill as they could reach the lightly armed Turan archers.

Turn 9


Predictably perhaps the Turan archers destroyed the wild Hill-men and elsewhere the battle began to break-up into different actions. The Turan knights chased the Hyrkanian riders and killed them, leaving both flanks open. It was all that the Hyrkanains could do to push forward a detachment of swords to try to kill the archers who would otherwise have fallen upon them from the hill.In the centre of the board the weight of spears was mullah-ing the Hyrkanians.

Turn 13


Suddenly Mithras got a nasty surprise when the Hyrkanian swordsmen made a dash to kill him, but already the fate of the battle was decided with 10 points of Hyrkanians dead and the flanks destroyed. The Effreet continued to pummel Urloc and the mage  Giyune Katar never seemed to find his mojo-PIPs wise or otherwise.

Turn 16


Suddenly Urloc got lucky and destroyed the Effreet, but the Hyrkanians were a spent force. It was all that he could do to grab the mage Giyune Katar and run for it. Turan victorious.

Turn 19


That now leaves the first round of the desert war concluded, with Mighty Turan continuing on to meet Vendhya in the second round. If things had been different I would perhaps have had the Hyrkanian riders on the other flank to attack the Turan archers while holding the rough ground on the other flank with the warbands against the Turan knights. It was a bit of a blood-bath.



~ by kropotkin303 on May 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hyboria Campaign: Hyrkania vs Turan”

  1. I love your “old school” figures. They look mostly like Garrison, right?


    Geoff – “elliesdad”.

  2. That’s right. The Turans are mainly Garrison. The Hyrkanians are more a mixed bag with Irregular Miniatures Tibetans, some Minifigs S&S and some unknown figures. Glad you like them.

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