Modular Caverns and Corridors

I love making modular stuff and here is the finished,if anything is ever finished, caverns and corridors for either fantasy of sci-fi gaming. I’ve posted about the corridors before, so really this is about the caverns. I’ve been scratching my head as to how to make caverns and tunnels that look asymmetric yet still have a good degree of modularity. The answer was hexagons!

I printed out hex paper and scaled it to be bigger than the average base size for figures. Then I glued tea leaves on in a slightly smaller hex size so I could leave a space between the hexes. Then they were painted. All I needed now was stalagmites to act as pillars to hold up the imaginary ceiling of the cavern complex. They work well, I think, and give the impression of random  shapes.

Here are some fantasy pictures.






While here are some close-ups of a sci-fi complex about to get a good blasting from some old Garrison Star Troopers. The caverns and corridors work well in both settings I believe.






Hope people like them. Comments and crits welcome.



~ by kropotkin303 on July 31, 2014.

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