Hyborian Campaign: Turan vs Vendhya

The wily wizard Mithras entered Vendhya to hunt down and destroy the She-Witch Hannuha on the orders of the Emperor.At dawn, close to the Jhumda River, his forces sighted the Vendhyan army close by to a ruined temple. His scouts quickly reported that there was a man with the Vendhyan host. No mere man they said. It was Conan!





Mithras summoned his general and ordered the Turan army to take and hold the hill directly to their centre. Let the Vendhyans smash them selves against us. We will hold. With his fiery Effreet to hunt and kill the She-Witch and his gallant knights to rout the flank victory would be his.



Little did Mithras suspect the terrors awaiting his knights as they were hunted down and slain by Tigers from out of the jungle. Ai!! Little did he fathom the sheer savagery of Conan who was driving his spearmen back. At least, thought Mithras, the Effreet was holding the She-Witch at bay.





But now the tide began to turn in Mithras’ favour. The hill will hold them, he thought and it was. Time and again the Vendhyans assaulted up hill and time and again his spear and archers drove the attackers back. Not even Conan could force his way past the shining points of steel. Mithras turned his attention towards the weakened Vendhyan archers and beasts and with the aid of dark sorceries destroyed them.





The Vendhyans began to fall back in disarray as the Turan spears began to obliterate the soldiers struggling to take the hill. The rout became a killing ground. Conan could see the situation was hopeless. He could see Hannuha wreathed in fire battling with the fearsome Effreet of Mithras. Curse that magician. All was lost. Together Hannuha and Conan sped away.Victory was for Mithras.





That concludes the War in the East, with the mighty Turan Empire victorious, which is probably as accurate a result as in the stories of Howard. Mithras will return in triumph to the city of Aghrapur where the Emperor Yezdigerd will fete him until he grows tired of the wizard’s scheming. Conan will head away towards the bloody War in the North.

It was a good battle and I thought that the Vendhan’s would destroy the Turans after taking their flanks, but that hill proved just too much for them. Even with the combined heroics of both Conan and Hannuha. When Mithras ceased to try to ensorcel Conan and turned his attention to destroying light troops he had a winning combination.Onto the North.


~ by kropotkin303 on October 12, 2014.

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  1. I’m painting up some Vendhya at the moment and yours are an inspiration for me.

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