HOTT in Hyboria Asgard vs Hyperborea

The blond Aesir had crossed the Ice-River of Death and were advancing on Haloga the snow-shrouded capitol of Hyperborea.The evil Queen Vammatar awaited them with the surety that the Aesir would be defeated. With that the War in the North began. Who would control the destiny of Hyboria?

Game one of the War in the North began before the ice-bound citadel of the Hyperboreans. Queen Vammatar set out her forces to counter the Asgard army. She had Nightgaunt flyers, but she kept them in reserve to fill gaps in her line should they arise. The Asgard army had too many archers to target them with.

05042015207Battle was joined with the scrum of warbands in the middle where the Asgard and Hyperborean generals began knocking chunks off each other. Vammatar sent Nightgaunts to keep the lines intact but first blood was to Asgard and their Hero Wulfhelm who sought to destroy Vammatar’s Ice-Ogre behemoth.

05042015213While the battle raged between Wulfhelm and the Ice-Ogre the sorcerous Vammatar tried to be-spell the Aesir Hero, but her shield-wall was being flanked by her opponent’s  archers. Her own archers fought valiantly to hold back  the lumbering Frost -Giant that threatened her other flank.To her joy she managed to be-spell Wulfhelm and create a break in the Asgard line.



Things were going badly for Vammatar though as the Asgard dwarf reserve turned the Ice-Ogre and their own Frost-Giant drove forward to take on the more slowly moving Hyperborean archers. Elsewhere Vammatar’s other flank was out-manoeuvred.

05042015226Just when Vammatar needed all the luck she could get she rolled this….


…. and Wulfhelm rolled a 6! It was time to get out of jail.


The Hyperborean General looked over his shoulder from amid the fighting to see his queen surrounded and in peril, but the Asgard shieldwall had broken him. With a hail of archery descending and a blood-thirsty blade at her back  Vammatar had nowhere left to go. Death awaited her. But then she was the mistress of Death.She would rise again.




All in all a very quick game and it seemed that Vammatar had the odds stacked against her from the word go. The combination of PIP heavy magic and flyers didn’t help her. She seemed to roll low all game long. Getting  stabbed in the back by a returning Wulfhelm didn’t help her either. Perhaps she should have let her Ice-Ogre off the leash to assault the Asgard Frost-Giant.

Victory to Asgard. Next up-Cimmeria verses The Picts.

Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on April 5, 2015.

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