New Homecast Spaceships-Corvette Bombers

This summer I have been working on expanding my fleets with the next ship up in the pecking order. These are larger than a fighter and I’m classing them as either Corvettes or Bombers depending on how you see space games as wet-navy or flying combat. Here are the ships from the five races.They were modelled in Milliput and then moulds were made from RTV Silicon. Then they were cast in metal. They are about 2cm long and I think about 1/1200 scale.


Here are some pictures of the different fleets with both the Fighters and the Corvettes/Bombers.First the Terrans. These are chunky and heavily armoured.

Terran Fleet

Next are the Emp-armed ships. These stun the enemy, putting them out of action. They look a little bit insectiod I think.

Catt Fleet 2

Then there are the pirates. They favour bright colours and have come to steal your fleet.

Zik Fleet

These ships are from the Traders Guild. Most likely to be escorting civilian convoys. Ripe picking for the pirates.

Etriedes Fleet

Last of all are these alien ships that rely on cloaking technology to close fast with other ships. Your screens will tell you that they are coming, but you don’t know what exactly is coming.

Xan Fleet

Finally here are some pictures of match-ups between the different races.The opportunities for alliances and counter-alliances between the five races could make for some interesting games.

Etriedes vs Xan

Terran vs Catt

Zik vs Catt

Hope you like these little ships. They were fun to design and make. Three fit into a mould, so they are quite economical to do. For my next ships I want to increase the size and make Frigates. Then things will get even more interesting. Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on August 24, 2015.

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