Hyborian Campaign : Picts vs Cimmerians

News had reached the Cimmerians that Picts were pouring across the Black River into their lands and threatening their ancient stone circles where they worshipped their great god Crom. The Picts were led by the sorcerer Zogar-Sag. With him he brought foul demon-beasts and a gigantic monstrosity from out of the dark forests.The Cimmerians knew that Conan was back from his travels in the far away East. Their general called upon his aid in destroying the Pictish warbands.


I rolled up the terrain for this battle randomly and it gave quite a constricted battle field with the Black River on the left and forest and the spur of a mountain on the right. The Picts set up first and the Cimmerian general with his riders took the left flank with Conan the centre. Archers from both sides would advance through the forests. Both sides had warbands in the centre. The Cimmerians, however also has swords-women who guarded the ancient stone circle.

The Picts:2


The Cimmerians:



A general advance was made in the early game, but the Cimmerian general and his riders did not want to charge the demon-beasts who squatted in the bad-going to the right. Archers crept through the forests towards each other while in the centre Conan fought the shambling forest-behemoth. Unfortunately for Conan the wizard Zogar-Sag bespelled him, leaving a big hole in the Cimmerian centre, while the Pictish archers peppered the Cimmerian right.


With Conan gone the Pictish behemoth and archers hacked away at the Cimmerian warbands, while on the left the Swords-women hacked away at the Picts. Conan rolled a 6 quite quickly and Zogar-Sag attempted to bespell him again before he could get back into the fray.He was unsuccessful.


The Cimmerian general saw his opportunity and charged the demon-beasts. While Zogar-Sag’s lucky succession of 6 Pips dried up to a 1!!The Cimmerian blades fell upon him just as their riders obliterated the demons. The Pictish flank had been turned.


With Conan fast coming to seek vengeance from behind him and the blades and riders in front Zogar-Sag tried one last roll of the dice and attacked the Cimmerian general. Either side could win or lose now.



With things hanging at 16 points to 14 remaining in favour of the Cimmerians it was game over for Zogar-Sag as the Mighty sword of Conan split his skull.



All in all a good fun game. The presence of the Cimmerian blades on the right proved decisive I think when coupled with the rider’s charge. Conan’s near-immediate return from bespelling left a big vulnerability in the Pictish rear.

Hope you enjoyed this battle. Now the next round of the War in the North will be Cimmerians vs Asgard. Who will be victorious in the cold lands of Hyboria?

Comments and crits welcome.



~ by kropotkin303 on August 28, 2015.

2 Responses to “Hyborian Campaign : Picts vs Cimmerians”

  1. Great looking minis and battlefield! This is everything a Hyborian game should be!

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