Hyborian Campaign :Asgard vs Cimmeria


Midwinter in Hyboria. Scouts brought word to the blond Aesir chieftain Wulfhelm that Cimmerians were approaching. Anger clouded his brow. Who were they to cross his lands to fight with the Vanaheim? By Ymir! he swore. They would not pass unbloodied. His dark soothsayer smiled. War had come between Ymir and Crom. The Gods would fight that day.

The initial deployment of the armies stood like this. Asgard were defending their stockaded stronghold and Cimmeria, led by Conan, entered the valley from the south.

Turn 1 Asgard Deployment


Turn 1 Cimmerian Doployment

Wulfhelm decided to hold his ground between the frozen woods to his right and a hill to his left. Conan ordered his riders to flank the hill and attack towards the Aesir stronghold that was undefended.

Turn 2 Asgard Advance

Turn 2 Riders start to flank

At the beginning of turn 3 both sides threw sixes and The Spirit of Ymir and Crom materialised. Now it was time for war.

Turn 3 Ymir arrives

Turn 3 Crom arrives

Oh how the Gods are fickle. I had not played Gods on the table before and mighty Ymir pushed Crom back. He fled the field leaving Conan to fight alone.

Turn 4 Crom abandons Cimmeria

At the same time there was a charge from the Cimmerians and the Aesir with both Wulfhelm and Ymir attacking Conan.It appeared that the Aesir were dominant. The Cimmerian riders continued to flank their enemy.In the centre the Asgard Hill Giant smote down the Sisters of Crom: Conan’s loyal bodyguard. Truely Crom had abandoned the Cimmerians.

Turn 5 Riders flank big picture

Turn 6 Battle is joined

Wulfhelm had the fates on his side. With the Sisters gone he could relieve the Stronghold as well as keep the Cimmerians pinned down. A hero, a behemoth and a God attacking Conan was too much. Elsewhere the Cimmerian warbands were breaking up. Their impulsive nature preventing a cohesive shield wall from forming.

Turn 7 Protect the stonghold

Conan’s loyal archers raced to support him against his foes, but Conan needed  more than archers to defeat the kind of odds stacked against him. By the Stronghold the Cimmerian riders miscalculated when to retreat and were cut down by arrow-fire.

Turn 8 Archers protect Conan

Turn 9 Riders struck down

It was time to beat a hasty retreat thought Conan. He had miscalculated the wrath of Wulfhelm and he grimly rued his decisions to cross the lands of the Aesir. Crom must be laughing at his foolishness.It was time to go.

Turn 9 Warbands hacked up

Turn 10 The End

So victory in the Northern War goes to Asgard. They defeated Queen Vammater of Hyperboria and now Conan and his Cimmerians. The battle showed me just what a powerful combination a hero, behemoth and god can be when punching down the middle of the table. With Crom gone ( just like that) there was nothing that Conan could do to stop the juggernaut.

Wulfhelm did the right thing by anchoring his army between two areas of bad going, where he knew the riders would not go. Then when the time was right he was able to defeat the threat to his rear. A well won victory even if it did hurt to see Conan defeated so completely.

Next stop the war in the West. Aquilonia vs Nemedia and Zamora vs Corinthia. Hope you have enjoyed this.

Comments and crits welcome.



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