Hott Strongholds For LOTR

Over the last few weeks I have been making some new Strongholds for my Lord of the Rings armies. Rivendell, The Black Gates and Helm’s Deep. Some of the biggies in the major sites in the story.The plan is to have most of the prime locations made so that I can use them in a series of campaign games.

Here is Helm’s Deep.


You can see that it is underscale, which is OK for me, as it would be far too big if I were to make it the size that it should be.

Here is the Black Gate. Again underscale. I added flickering tea-lights in the windows just for fun. The tiles on the rooves of the towers were a new departure for me, but I’m glad the way they turned out. Here we can see two of the Nazgul setting out to find the thief Baggins.



Last of all Rivendell.I’m really happy about the way this turned out. The trees were made from rope and the folliage from painted green scourer. The waterfall and river were given several white-glue coats to make the water shine. The colours just work well with the blue tiles mirroring the water.


Here are also two new armies. First of all The Rohan Away Team. They have Theoden and Eomer as heroes and a mixture of Riders (arches and light spear) as well as Knights.They are Minifigs Mythical Earth 25mm. Eomer and the standard bearer are unknown figures.


The army of Isengard are the venerable Mythical Earth Man-Orcs. They have a hero general-Ugluk perhaps. There are pike to deal with the filthy strawheads of Rohan and blades. I did three stands with bows and will count them as shooters.


03062016495Hope you like these efforts. Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on June 3, 2016.

One Response to “Hott Strongholds For LOTR”

  1. Nice strongholds. Terrain like this has always been a weakness of mine – I’ve got loads of DBX/HoTT armies but no strongholds!

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