New Frigates For Space Fleets


Over the past few months I’ve been adding to the space fleets that I’ve been making with some larger vessels that could be termed frigates. They have been a huge buzz to sculpt in milliput and then make the moulds and finally to drop-cast them in metal. Being larger and having more detail, such as engine nacelles and turrets, made them more complex to cast, but in the end they have seen the light of day. They are scaled at around 1/1200th, but scale and spaceship models are a very subjective thing.I made them to go with the five fleets that I’ve already made.The washer bases are 4cm across.Here is a picture of the new ships en-masse.

New Frigates and Other Craft

Terran Frigates: Large war-wagons with heavy armour.

Terran Frigates

Emp Frigates: Can attack with a freezing EMP weapon. Good when allied with others.

Emp Frigates

Cloaked Frigates: Less armoured, but appearing at short notice. Can also run away quickly.

Cloaked Frigates

Trade Guild Frigates: Similar in design to the Terrans, but cast in three directions, so perhaps the hardest to get right in the mould.

Trade Guild Frigates

Pirate Frigates: I liked the way I slung the cannon under the craft.Red and black also seemed a good colour scheme for these bad guys.

Pirate Frigates

I also wanted to show you what the total fleets look like now I have fighters, corvettes and frigates. I was hoping to catch a similarity between the different races with colours and designs working well together. I think they seem to hang together well.

The Terran Fleet: Here arrayed in three battle groups.

Terran Fleet

The Trade Guild Fleet: They now need some frighters I think to make up some convoys.

Trade Guild Fleet

The Emp Fleet: I wanted to get away from the hexagonal shape of the smaller ships while keeping a geometrical look.

Emp Fleet

The Pirate Fleet: They have taken a few pods captive along with a police lighter. Nice and colourful.

Pirate Fleet

The Cloaked Fleet: Attacking in their wedge formation from out of nowhere.

Cloaked Fleet

I wanted to get an idea of how the ships would look in a game, so here are some match-ups. These are the Pirates attacking the Trade Guild. Got to work on boarding party ships I think.

Pirates vs Trade Guild

Here we can see a joint Emp and Cloaked attack on the Terrans. I like the way the colours work here. Why can’t things be colourful in space?

Terrans vs Cloaked and Emp

I hope you like the new additions. They were a blast to make and I’m already wondering how I can go larger with some Destroyers. The size of the mould will eventually make me need to solve some potential problems. Will I need to have two pouring holes. I’m guessing that the more complex the design that I’ll need more vents. Perhaps multi-part ships could be a way to go.Thanks for taking the time to look at my ships.

Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on August 10, 2016.

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