Hyboria Campaign: Shem vs Koth Ophir

The desolate wastes of Shem are marked out by a string of forts sitting within these deserts where garrisons from Koth and Ophir defend their passes to their rich lands to the north. The threat comes from the wild Zaugir, the Sons of Shem, desert raiders. Only just lately has news been heard of a giant man who rides with them. A man known as Yamal al Aphto. He fights beside the leader of the Zaugir Yin Allal and together they have raided much.

It is near dawn at the lonely outpost of Fort Eruk and spies have said that the Zaugir will attack in the morning. The general commanding the Koth Ophir forces looks out into the desert. King Stabonus for all his madness has garrisoned Fort Eruk well. He has a host at his command. That and a certain warrior. A flame-haired Hyrkanian woman who all fear. Her name is Red Sonja.


The Zaugir deployed with their riders and Conan in the centre with the Shemish archers to the north who would sieze the high ground. The Koth Ophir army countered with their heavy foot and bows to attack the Shemish archers while their knights and riders would ride out to meet the desert riders. Red Sonja rode with the general.



The Zaugir charged forward and battle was joined in the centre. The whole battle saw both generals attacking each other while Red Sonja cleaved a way forward, but Yin Allal was a well matched opponant and neither the flame-haired warrior woman or the Ophir general could best him. Conan decided to press forwards towards the flanks and had success destroying the Koth Ophir riders. Elsewhere the Sons of Shem took the highground and threatened to turn the northern flank. All around the Koth Ophir army looked like it was going to be surrounded.







Time and again Red Sonja fought back the Zaugir riders and time and again the Koth Ophir heavy foot were pin-cushioned by the Shemish archers, but the spears kept pushing and seemed destined to be too far away to help the centre if all went wrong.



Conan was having more luck to the south and he and a group of riders first smashed the Koth Ophir riders and then a stand of knights, pushing them back towards Fort Eruk.


With dawn rising Conan pushed the last remaining knights all the way back to the fort, while Sonja, seeing the Koth Ophir general about to fall before the sword of Yin Allal leapt between them.



Conan could sense victory as he slew the last of the knights and the way before him to the gates of the fort stood undefended, but at that very moment Sonja swung her shining blade and left the bloody head of Yin Allal in the sand.





The treasures of Fort Eruk would remain in the hands of Koth Ophir. With the bright desert sun rising the Sons of Shem turned and rode, leaving the Koth Ophir army bloody but victorious. Conan passed by the flame-haired beauty as she wiped her sword on the fallen body of the Zaugir leader. As he rode away he called,

“You just did me a favour and I owe you one.” There was now no one to stand in his way as leader of the Sons of Shem.

“We will meet again Conan,” he heard the Hyrkanian call after him.

All in all an enjoyable battle. Once the forces were joined it was a gamble which general would die first and in retrospect Conan should have stayed with Yin Allal, but then he cleared a way to the Koth Ophir stronghold and with the support of the riders with him could have taken the prize.

Hope you all liked the battle. In the next round we will see Zingara up against Argos. Two merchantile nations slugging it out. Part of me wants to involve galleys fighting at sea as well as armies on land.

Comments and crits wellcome.




~ by kropotkin303 on February 15, 2017.

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