New Homecast Orcs

This last couple of weeks I have been casting up and painting my new 25mm orcs that I have spent the last few months sculpting and making moulds for. This has been a very satisfying experience going from initial concept drawings to making the greens and onto completion. I wanted to get a Rodney Matthews/ Angus McBride kind of look to the figures, with good natural proportions. Do orcs have natural proportions? They are meant to represent larger man-sized orcs rather than smaller goblins, but not the elite Uruk-Hai. General Grunts in other words.

I went a bit over the top and made nine variants from three dollies and that was a bit too much as I only really needed about six different poses. Here are some pictures of the greens that were made with 50% Greenstuff and 50% Milliput Fine. The use of this mix made for better definition: Greenstuff is great for more organic, rounded shapes and Milliput is great for sharper edges and flatter planes.

Greens 1

Greens 2Then I took the poses I liked and , as usual, made moulds using RTV silicone rubber. Near disaster struck on the second of the two moulds when I forgot to use the Vaseline, as a mould-release agent,between the two sides to the mould and some detail was lost on the backs of some of the models. Remember the Vaseline I say. Other wise the mould could set as one lump of useless rubber with the masters forever stuck inside. A cautionary tale.

Here are some pictures of the final painted orcs. I wanted to get them done with knives and packs and scabbards sticking out. With some of the arms pointing forward this meant quite a few of the figures were cast in three directions. One of the moulds never gave me both arms complete. Luckily I could cover this with a shield. Drop casting is a bit arcane and I had to fight the moulds for some of these boys to come out complete.

Orcs 1

Orcs 2

Orcs 3

Orcs 4

Orcs 5

Orcs 6

Orcs 7

Orcs 8

I now need to decide where to go next. Half of me is thinking For Gondor! Ithilian Rangers and Citadel Guards. Perhaps try for a horse and rider from Dol Amroth. What about the Fiefdoms? Other half is thinking Elves from Mirkwood, Lorien and Rivendell. What makes them unique and identifiable? Hmmm.

Hope you like these figures. Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on June 1, 2017.

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