HOTT in Hyboria: Zingara vs Argos

Today saw the clash of the mercantile powers Zingara and Argos. I wanted to make this something new so I made some galleys. I decided to make these moving terrain pieces with elements aboard them. I guess they could be treated as non-flying airboats or flyers except they travel on the water.


The two armies were pretty standard with the Zingarians being led by Duke Gonsalvo and the Argosseans by Count Demetrio. I set the battle somewhere along the coast from the Thunder River, in the badlands between the two states. Both sides had strongholds. To the south was the sea and to the north the highlands rose to shadow-haunted forest where some say nameless horrors dwell.


Both sides deployed with the cavalry on the plain beside the sea and the lighter troops to the north near to the rough going and woods. The bulk of the spears and blades took the centre. From the set to this was going to be an evenly pitched battle. Or it should have been. However Argos had all the bad rolls and Zingara the best on the land. It was the other way round on the sea.

First the knights clashed and then the skirmishing archers to the north. The Argossean knights lost their duel and the Zingarian bowmen forced the other wing back. Meanwhile at sea the Argos Marines stormed the Zingaran ship. I decided to allow no retreats here. If one ship was boarded then it would be a fight to the finish. Zingara lost and the Argosseans then sailed on to land behind the lines and threaten Zingara’s stronghold.









Meanwhile Argos continued to lose men in the centre and flanks and Count Demetrio was surrounded and challenged to a duel by Duke Gonsalvo. As the day neared its end the dying Demetrio could see the Zingarian knights rushing to cut off and destroy the Argossean Marines.




Then when all was lost and the battle was over Hell made its move.

From the hills above the carnage of the battlefield came an army of Ghouls attracted by the cries of the dying and a hunger for blood and flesh.


There now was no distinction between Argossean and Zingarian. Duke Gonsalvo called for all the living to resist the screaming hordes of the dead and their undead general. The dead swarmed out of the forests and attacked all left alive from the battle.





I didn’t deploy all of my undead army, only 10 points but they kept on regenerating and despite being hordes they cut down more of the living. The humans were disorganised from being hit in the flank and their PIPs were 1s and 2s. It took time to rally and Duke Gonsalvo had to withstand some fierce assaults from the dark-mage. It was only when it was blocked from retreat by its own horde elements coming up that the foul thing was slain. If you can slay something that is already dead.


All in all a very fun game. The ship-borne combat was particularly gritty with retreat meaning death. Then springing the surprise of the Ghouls on the remaining unformed armies led to initial chaos until a new battle line could form.

Result was a win to Zingara who go into the next round. Who will they fight? The next battle is the Big One: Aquilonia vs Nemedia. Stand by for Action.

Hope you liked this battle. Comments and crits welcome.


~ by kropotkin303 on June 2, 2017.

2 Responses to “HOTT in Hyboria: Zingara vs Argos”

  1. That’s a nice looking set up.


    • Thanks Rob. I took the idea for the galleys from your Atlantis army. I liked your templates, but made my galleys from cork rather than paper.

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