Hott in Hyboria: Aquilonia vs Nemedia




The Keep of Tor stands on the Red River that flows out of Nemedia and through Aquilonia. It has been the site of many struggles between these two arch-rivals for centuries. The two mighty kingdoms forever tied in a struggle for dominion: one over the other.

The sinister wizard Xaltotun rode with the Nemedian army towards the pass of the Red River. News of the Aquilonian army had reached Baron Amalric of Tor and he was intent on stopping the invaders from crossing the river. The weather was chill as the Nemedians marched through the mist shadowed pass between the Karpash Mountains to where the lonely keep stood.

Baron Amalric had arrayed his host before the Red River and in the morning light he began to see the Aquilonians across the pass. He distrusted Xaltotun but needed him. During the night the wizard had summoned two  demon creatures. With heads of eagles and bodies of lions. These creatures were stretching great wings. The Aquilonians were to be surprised greatly he thought.

“I sense a great warrior rides with the Aquilonians, but he will fall,” Xaltotun cried.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 1

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 2In this game the forces of Aquilonia were the attackers. Both armies lined up with the Red River between them. It was a race to see who would command the bank.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 4

Somewhat foolhardly Xaltotun sent his demon flyers to attack. Why oh why did he choose to attack shooters? The demons were killed, but the Nemedians got to the river first.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 5

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 6

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 10The Nemedian knights tried to cross the river, but Conan and his knights saw them off, supported by archers. Then Conan and his knights charged across the river. Conan was out of protective range of his cleric and when he crossed the river Xaltotun be-spelled him. I sent Conan back to his side rather than to the Keep of Tor. In his next bound Conan rolled a 6. Free to attack again.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 11By this time the Aquilonian spears were slugging it out with the Nemedians in the river. The Nemedians held the opposite bank stoughtly. The Priest of Mitre protected them from Xaltotun’s wizardry.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 12

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 13In an attempt to by-pass the Nemedian line the brave Bossonian archers were attempting to flank the Nemedians by crossing the river while Conan and his remaining knights did likewise on the other flank.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 15

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 16Alas the Bossonian archers were met by blades and some were slain while others retreated. Conan and his knights faired better and saw off the Nemedian knights, gaining the advantage.


Aquilonia vs Nemedia 17

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 18

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 19

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 20In the melee the battle line began to break up and a rank of Aquilonian pike made the Nemedians retreat. Conan and his knights charged down to try to kill the wily wizard Xaltotun, but the Nemedians saw their danger and broke off to attack the Aquilonians who threatened them, pinning the pike from behind and infront.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 21Just then the battle hung un the balance with 12 point lost to both sides. Whoever lost the next element would lose the battle. From the side the Axes of Brythunia lunged at the remaining Poitian Knights.

Disaster! Xaltotun be-spelled Conan for the second time. The knights were lost. With the Aquilonians beaten and Conan out of action the battle went to Nemedia. Xaltotun was victorious.

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 24

Aquilonia vs Nemedia 25So Nemedia and not Aquilonia go forward to the next round. The battle was interesting because even though Xaltotun threw away his potentially disruptive flyers by pitting them against archers he had the right strategy of holding the river bank at all cost, even when threatened by two flank attacks.

Conan too could have won the day if he had been able to press his charge home. At 12 points each things went down to the wire.

In the next round Nemedia will face Zingara. An odd geographical match-up so I will have to think of a good story.

Hope you liked this contest. Comments and crits welcome.






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