HOTT in Hyboria Asgard vs Zingara

Today saw the first battle in the campaign’s Third Round. Zingara and Asgard faced off against each other. Just how these two geographically distant nations came to blows was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. So I built a longship!

In the cold dawn the Zingarians saw sails on the horizon. The Aesir had sailed down the coast of the Great Pictish Wilderness to sack the soft southern Kingdom of Zingara. With them sailed Conan who had reached a settlement with Wulfhelm. Booty and plunder awaited. What could possibly go wrong?

1 Zingara

2 Asgard

3 Asgard advancesThe Aesir drew up their ships and advanced inland. Random terrain set-up put a narrow valley between hills in their way. Conan and Wulf decided that here was the place to contain the Zingarians: Channelling them and preventing room for the Zingarian cavalry to charge.

4 Take the hill

5 Hold your groundDuke Gonsalvo knew that the warbands of the Aesir could make quick-kills on his swords and spears in the open. He kept his knights as a mobile reserve. His archers took the northern hill and never let it go against the Asgard bowmen.

6 Battle beginsBattle was joined in the centre. It was going to be bloody.

7 Gonsalvo the deadlyEarly on Gonsalvo showed his true mettle and destroyed a warband single-handed putting himself up against Conan and Wulf combined.

8 Breakthrough

9 Charge

10 Death to Asgard

To the south one of the Aesir warbands destroyed a double ranked unit of spears and then impetuously bounded forward. Only they met a counter-charge from Gonsalvo’s knights and were no more. Just as blades hacked another warband to pieces. Conan and Wulf had lost their entire southern flank in one turn.

11 Battle of the Heroes

12 Impetus

Meanwhile to the north Gonsalvo’s archers and spears drove the Aesir from the hill and decimated them. Conan and Wulf were now greatly outnumbered. The losses at this time were 10-6 in favour of the Zingarians. The last of the double ranked Asgard warbands fell on the Zingarians hoping for a quick-kill. They got that. On themselves! In the last throw of the game Conan beat Gonsalvo in a duel. This gave him and Wulf a chance to flee to the ship with only one unit left from their entire army still intact.

13 Blood to Conan

14 Time to leave

“I never should have trusted you Conan, ” yelled Wulf.

“Aye, but your men drink deep in Valhalla tonight,” Conan replied.

This was a quick and dirty game with massive casualties. The Aesir could quick-kill pretty much all of the Zingarians, but they were also vulnerable to destruction from Gonsalvo’s knights. He was right to keep them as a reserve as they could sweep down on any Asgard breakthroughs. So a valuable lesson learned. Always keep a reserve.

The next battle will be the second of Round Three: Zamora vs Turan. Then on to the final.


~ by kropotkin303 on April 15, 2018.

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